Mr. Kane Has nearly 30 years experience in Chester and surrounding counties, He offers free initial consultation while working to give you the best representation available.

Personal Injury

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Jeremiah F. Kane can provide you the advocacy, results and financial compensation you expect and need when you have suffered a Pennsylvania personal injury case.

Jeremiah represent clients throughout eastern Pennsylvania, explaining to them why they should hire a lawyer and certain things the insurance company does not want you to know.  Jeremiah handles a wide range of legal issues, including:

Car Accidents – Your motor vehicle accident injury case is our priority. Jeremiah works with clients who are injured in a Pennsylvania car accident, in need of financial and medical help they need to get their lives back on track. Jeremiah demands fair and just financial compensation for your injuries.

Medical Mistakes- Truck accident injuries can be catastrophic and expensive. Jeremiah will investigate the matter thoroughly to build a strong case for full compensation.

Product Liability- Almost every motorcycle accident causes serious injuries. Because many cyclists are unable to obtain adequate insurance, they need to receive fair compensation through a personal injury claim to pay medical bills and other costs.

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